Non Hybrid Vegetable Seeds And the Best Tomato I Ever Ate

These days more and more people are eating healthy. Or at least trying to eat more healthy. People are slowly discovering the fact that produce purchased today at the large supermarkets simply don't taste like..... well - they don't taste like anything!

Shoppers at the grocery stores today are tired of the nutritionally poor produce that is being offered.

There is a growing number of health conscious individuals that can recall growing up and visiting their dear grandmother during vacation or holiday times and watching attentively as she would slice a colossal tomato and present it on a dish for us to snack on. We can all remember the rich and vivid color of each slice.

The taste was simply amazing.

That was not just our fond memory of the good old days increasing over time. The tomato did taste better then. The tomato did have a better color and consistency as compared to the produce being grown on the mega farms and sold today in our franchised supermarkets.
The reasons the taste was superior was that the seeds grandma used were not hybrid seeds. Rather the seeds she planted in her garden were organic in nature or what we call non-hybrid seeds.

A hybrid seed is created by artificially cross pollinated plants. The first genetically engineered seeds were first developed and used for the mass production of maize crops in the late 1920's. These engineered seeds were then as they are now, bred and produced to improve the yield, resist disease and provide a uniformity characteristic of such altered produce.

The resulting seeds harvested from these plants are useless and cannot be planted the following season. Therefore the farmer or gardener is forced to purchase a new set of neutered seeds each and every year.

A non hybrid seed is different in that it has not been genetically altered. The resulting produce of such a seed is more nutrient rich, carries an enhanced flavor and most importantly - yields a seed that can be planted next season to provide another harvest.
This cycle of production is allowed to continue indefinitely which is another dramatic distinction of the non-hybrid seed.

So if you wish to revisit the good old days when vegetables of all kinds were both rich in nutrients and flavor, purchase a non-hybrid seed pack today. Planting your own garden of vegetables can be a fun and rewarding endeavor.

Seeing the look on your child's face as they devour your next crop of tomatoes will be well worth it.